Makeup Hacks to Make You Photo-Ready

Allure magazine's editor in chief shares her makeup tips.

March 24, 2016, 8:13 AM

— -- Finding the right lighting and spending hours on makeup in order to achieve a photo-ready look are not always possible in today's world of instant photos on our smartphones.

The good news is just a few easy makeup tricks can make you look your best in a photo with no hassle. Michelle Lee, editor in chief of Allure magazine, appeared on "Good Morning America" today to share how to apply makeup for photos.

Here are Lee's must-try makeup tricks, in her own words.


Must-Have item: Highlighter

"Highlighting is crucial as it’s the number one key to looking good in a photo. Highlighting atop the cheekbones, under the brow, down the bridge of the nose, and onto the Cupid's bow creates a glow from within. You can be tired or have dull skin or blemish and as long as you're luminous, you'll take a good photo. And with highlighting, there's a wide range of texture and finish options: Vaseline, gloss, creamy concealer or shimmering creams and powders."


Must-Have Item: Tinted Brow Gel

"NO ONE wants to go to the gym with a full face of makeup, especially if the getting ready time eats away at your sweat session. However, we all want to look pulled together and the number one way is to focus on your brows since they frame your face, balance your features and define your eyes. Plus, filling them in takes less than a minute. To keep sparse brows looking full and beautiful, a good brow gel will hold them in place while creating definition fast. Tinted brow gels look and work like mascara; once it dries, it's not going anywhere. Simply brush the gel over your brows to add some color--making them appear fuller--and also locking flyaway hairs in place."


Must-Have Item: Mascara

"Mascara is transformative. It has the power to open up your face, making eyes appear brighter, larger (and much more flirty!)—- all you need for a great night out. The trick here is to use two different types of mascara…one with a lengthening formula and one with a volumizing formula. Adding the two together will give you a dramatic, false lash effect. In terms of applying on the upper and lower, lashes, adding to both will definitely make the eye look bigger but for women of a certain age (hoping to drop a few years), skip it entirely as keeping mascara to only your top lashes can have a lifting effect. In terms of color, go for black, as it’s flattering on just about everyone."

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Must-Have Item: Foundation

"Going to the office or an important meeting with breakouts, pimples or bags under your eyes is never ideal but foundation has the ability to make you look polished, professional and on top of your game. The right foundation can instantly even out skin tone, giving depth and radiance to skin that is pale or ashy. It covers under eye circles, hide pores and leaves skin glowing—and takes mere minutes to apply. Also, if you have an extra bottle of foundation from past seasons (whether too dark or too light) you can use both to contour your face for a more sculpted look."