Man Uses Fake In-Flight Video to Pull Off Mile-High Proposal

Patrick Marsden got very creative!

— -- One travel lover got super creative when it came to proposing to his girlfriend of four years.

"I knew that I wanted to do some travel-themed proposal," Marsden, 32, said of his inspiration. "Like all great decisions, it occurred to me in the bath."

In the video posted by the airline Thursday, Marsden pops up unexpectedly onscreen and says, "As you might have worked out by now this isn't actually a video about your in-flight dining options. What it is is a fairly elaborate way to ask a question that I've been wanting to ask you for quite some time."

"It was the last place she'd expect it," Marsden said of his plan.

Marsden recalled that 10 minutes before the flight, he "got very nervous." Still, the video worked!

Beucher, 29, is seen cupping her mouth in surprise in the heartwarming video. She eventually says yes and passengers, along with the cabin crew, applaud.

The two celebrated by sharing champagne on the plane ride to Brazil. "It was very festive," Marsden added.