Man makes outlet stickers to pull off hilarious airport prank

David McDonald is a genius.

— -- One man has the entire internet laughing after pulling off a prank that fools airport passengers desperate to charge their phones.

David McDonald told ABC News he came up with the idea to create outlet stickers while at work. The customer service representative works with graphic designers.

"We talked about how outlets are always scarce at the airport. We thought a sticker would be a great idea to pass time," he added.

McDonald, who documented his prank on Twitter, fooled a couple of people in the airport.

"At first, people were mad, then confused and then [they] laughed," he recalled. "After I was done video taping, I told them what I did and they all laughed and we acted like nothing happened and waited for the next person to try it."

McDonald, who noted he took the sticker down when he left the airport, said now others can get in on the fun.

He's now selling outlet stickers for $3.99 and is even "currently working on outlet stickers for European countries since they use different ones," he said.

And if you're traveling next week, be on the lookout for McDonald.

"I will be at the airport again in a week, hopefully someone else needs a plug," he quipped.