Man travels the world in a revamped ambulance

Ian Dow is living his best life — out of a $2,800 ambulance.

— -- Ian Dow is living his best life — out of an ambulance.

He said he was inspired to buy the ambulance after getting in a motorcycle accident.

He paid the charity $2,800 for it last year, and after some work, he said, the interior makes him feel “comfortable and happy.”

“Considering the Sprinter would have cost me $8,000, I felt like I got a screamin’ deal,” said Dow. “I finished it with materials I like. The teak floors, subway tiled kitchen, exotic hardwood table, cedar-lined closet, bamboo cutting surfaces and guitar inlay accents all keep a smile on my face.”

The adventurer even added a sundeck on the roof with an extendable umbrella.

“It's a beast of a machine and draws a lot of interest from locals and travelers alike,” he told ABC News.

But there are some drawbacks.

“It's really heavy and restricts my ability to get far off the beaten track,” said Dow. “I'm accustomed to traveling on a motorcycle where I can get up or down any trail but I've thrown that away for my comforts. Although I've brought the bike along with me I can't leave the dog and ambulance for days on end while getting lost somewhere.”

How does he make a living to pay for his travels?

“I have been on the move for 10 years now and haven't had a steady job the whole time,” he said. “I once was an art director on a film, a set designer and fabricator, an artist manager, music producer, graphic designer, painter. Life on the road is surprisingly cheap and I manage to survive with very little funds.”

Dow said a big reason he is living this wanderer life, although he loves it, is due to a nasty breakup.

He said that’s what made his travel companion, his friend Dylan Griffin, such a good match for the road.

“Dylan also recently was broken up with by his fiancé in Australia so we had a similar mindset for traveling together,” said Dow.

They are in Costa Rica now with no immediate plans to leave, because Dow likes to “play it by ear.”

His advice for others looking to do something similar?

“Just do it,” he said.

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