Man’s Creative Super Mario Proposal Gets High Score With Bride-To-Be

“You can make your own custom levels,” Shane Birkinbine, 39, told ABC News.

When Pam Edwards was unsuspectingly playing the game alongside her now fiancé, Shane Birkinbine, on May 21, she had no idea she’d soon be winning not only the game, but also a new sparkly diamond ring.

“You can make your own custom levels,” Birkinbine, 39, told ABC News of how he designed the game to pop the question. “I’m more of an introvert so I didn’t want to make a huge deal of it, but wanted something between us that was special and creative. So it came to my mind that I’m going make a special level just for her.”

As Edwards began playing, she was too focused on winning to realize her name was written on the screen.

“Babe, what’s that say?” Birkinbine asks Edwards in the adorable video he took to capture the moment. “The blocks, it spells out your name I think.”

Tickled enough by the fact her boyfriend programmed her name into the game, she still had no idea what was coming next.

“What’s that say?” he continues as she moves the control to see the following question.

As she reads “Will you marry me?” written in blocks on the screen, she’s overcome with emotion, giggling before replying “Yes!”

“I was really surprised,” Edwards, 30, said of the special proposal. “It was so creative and I was just happy because we’re in love and I’m just thrilled.”

Birkinbine said it took him about a week to program the personalized level, and he wasn’t concerned about her finding it on the game because “she wouldn’t just hop on herself,” he said.

“I’m kind of the avid gamer and geek,” he added. “I like a lot of different geeky stuff or science fiction movies. She’s does game with me with sometimes, but it’s not something she’d just log in to do herself.”

As soon as the video ends, Birkinbine got down on one knee with the ring, which he also planned to go along with the theme.

“I had the ring in its original box and then I had that box in a Mario question mark box,” he said. “It’s actually a Yahtzee video game container. I got up off the couch and went over to her and I just said, 'Babe, I love you very much. You’re so kind and sweet and always taking care of me, and you’re the woman I want to be with the rest of my life.’”

The happy couple from Bentonville, Arkansas, is now planning a wedding for this fall.

As for continuing the Super Mario theme in the wedding, “We’ll incorporate some geeky aspects into it, but I want it to be just the way she likes it,” said Birkinbine.