Man's LEGO Movie Marriage Proposal Will Leave You in (Plastic) Pieces

“It’s a bit cheesy but that just made me like it more,” the filmmaker said.

— -- This adorable LEGO proposal will leave you in (little bitty plastic) pieces.

When Ben Anderson, of Worcester, United Kingdom, decided it was time to propose to his then-girlfriend, Kirsten Dally, he contacted filmmaker Morgan Spence to help him turn the momentous occasion into a truly romantic yet playful experience.

The two creative minds came up with the idea of turning all of the couple’s favorite moments from their relationship into a LEGO stop-motion film, which debuted for the unsuspecting bride-to-be on what she thought was just a simple date to the movies.

“It’s a bit cheesy but that just made me like it more,” he added.

As the LEGO video was playing on the big screen, “she elbowed me in the ribs and asked me what the hell I had done. She was quite overwhelmed,” Anderson recalled of Dally’s reaction.

Dally said “yes” and now the engaged lovebirds are contemplating using the LEGO figures as their wedding cake toppers.