Meet the Mother, Daughter Behind the Viral Instagram 'Crazy Jewish Mom'

Kate Siegel shares her mom Kim Friedman's funny text message on the account.

ByJohn Kapetaneas, Jackeline Pou and Alexa Valiente
April 23, 2015, 6:28 PM

— -- UPDATE: Since our report first aired, Kate Siegel quit her job, hired an agent and now pursues ‘Crazy Jewish Mom’ projects full time. Her first book, "Mother, Can You Not," is out now. Her mother Kim Friedman is developing several documentary projects and continues to be obsessed with her daughter’s life.

Many mothers and daughters have intensely close relationships, but it might be difficult to be more hardcore than Kate Siegel and her mom Kim Friedman.

Siegel says her mom texts her as often as 50 times a day, with messages like, “Unless you are carrying my grandchild, go to the gym and stop eating garbage,” or “Happy birthday spawn, welcome to the wrong side of 25. The expiration date on your eggs is officially in sight. Tick tock.”

Last November, the intensity and hilarity of these exchanges reached a point where Siegel decided to create the Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom. The account, where she posts texts from her mom, now has nearly half a million followers.

“I don’t get why people are interested in other peoples texts to their kids. It’s like reality TV, people interested in other peoples’ lives,” Friedman told ABC News’ “Nightline.”

“I want to say this also in light of this conversation. It’s a humorous Instagram account. I’m posting the most over the top wildest things that she sends,” Siegel told “Nightline.” “I actually cannot post everything. It’s more than would be good for the internet.”

Friedman, a former Hollywood director who worked on TV shows like “Love Boat,” “Star Trek,” “Dynasty” and “Beverly Hills 90210,” left it all and moved east when Siegel went to college.

“I love her, and my husband and I looked at each other and were like, ‘What are we doing in [Los Angeles]? She’s 3,000 miles away. She’s our baby,” said Friedman.

When Siegel, her only daughter, graduated and moved to New York, Friedman embraced texting as the principle means of reaching Siegel at all hours.

“Nightline” recently spent a Saturday with them, and during one 20-minute period when they were apart, Siegel received a total of 11 texts, mostly as her mom went shopping on her behalf.

One of Friedman’s primary preoccupations in the texts posted on Instagram is the fact that Siegel’s boyfriend, whom Friedman calls “SuperJew,” has not proposed after more than a year of them being together.

“I’m looking ahead to the future. I mean SuperJew, a year and a half, obviously a year and a half, it’s not going to work because she’s going to leave, or he’s going to leave,” Friedman said.

“It might work!” Siegel said.

“Either seal the deal, or move on so she can date other people,” said Friedman.

Other recurring fixations from Friedman’s texts include her disapprovals of Siegel’s apartment, which she refers to as the “death trap,” and her frustrations with Siegel’s taste in bras.

But it’s all just one woman’s maternal adoration and idiosyncratic -- and maybe a little crazy -- crusade for her daughter’s optimal health, well-being, wardrobe and love life.

“Oh my gosh, she’s my baby. Are you kidding? And I’ll kill anybody that hurts her, anybody,” Friedman said.

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