Meet the Travel Guru With the Most TripAdvisor Reviews to Date

Brad Reynolds has traveled almost 35 percent of the world.

— -- Brad Reynolds loves to travel. And a big part of his beloved adventures are how they end -- by documenting them on the travel site

With an impressive 3,300-plus reviews, Reynolds, 38, has become the website's most active user -- having reviewed 118 hotels, 1,177 restaurants and 140 cities around the globe.

"It's kind of an important hobby of mine," Reynolds told ABC News. "I see something and I wonder if I'd like to know more information for this. We try to create spreadsheets and identify the things we'd like to see."

From there, Reynolds said he writes two to four reviews per day.

"It's quite a routine. I have the notes from traveling. There's a lot to reference and it brings everything to mind. They're written pretty quickly," Reynolds said. "I'm regularly asked, 'Don’t you ever get tired of this?'"

Out of the thousands of reviews he's written on TripAdvisor, only 12 have been poor ones.

"Because we are seeing so many things in our travels, a lot of things can gravitate towards the middle," Reynolds said. Sometimes the expectations weren’t what we had expected, so when we run into a situation where we had bad experience, then it's worth taking notes, giving examples of what had happened."

"With restaurants this is when it happens most frequently, but I know a restaurant can have a bad day in the kitchen. We do look at some things they did well, we try to look at the positive things too," he said.

With 8,723 "Helpful votes" on the site, Reynolds said he most enjoys assisting TripAdvisor users with their travel plans.

"I find it really nice to hear how many people have been helped," he said. "There's two things -- I like writing because it's self-gratifying. More importantly, I like to reach out to the TripAdvisor community who want to make more discerning decisions when traveling. So, I'd have to say, it's quite rewarding."

TripAdvisor's public relations specialist, Erin Millard, offered the following comment to ABC News.

“With more than 66,000 reviews and opinions submitted on TripAdvisor, Brad Reynolds’ contributions are truly amazing. Brad is a remarkable example of how our global traveler community serves as a powerful resource to help people plan better trips."