Michigan Couple Scores Back-to-Back Holes-in-One

PHOTO: The Blundys of Portland, Michigan, made consecutive holes-in-one on the 16th hole.PlayTony and Janet Blundy
WATCH Husband and Wife Get Back-to-Back Holes in One

Tony and Janet Blundy say they've achieved quite a feat for the marriage books: back-to-back holes-in-one at the same hole.

"Not too many people believe it. ... We're kind of humbled," Tony said. "It's crazy."

The Portland, Michigan, couple reportedly have golfed together for the last 10 years. On Sunday, they picked Ledge Meadows Golf Course in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

"We have a competitive edge between each other," Janet Blundy told the Lansing State Journal.

The two said that Tony Blundy made the hole-in-one first at the 16th hole from 142 yards.

"I said, I finally caught up to you," Tony Blundy told ABC News today. "After five years, I got my first hole-in-one."

Janet Blundy said she joked with her husband and then teed off, 106 yards away from the hole.

"Yes, we [could] see it go in," she said today. "It was wonderful when it happened."

Then, chaos ensued, they said.

"It was nothing but screaming and hollering and jumping around," she said.

Luckily, that day they also had witnesses.

"When I had [a hole-in-one]," Tony Blundy said, "they came over and congratulated me, and then they went back to their tee box. And then when Janet hit hers -- and obviously we just went nuts -- they [came] back over and one lady actually ran all the way to the hole!"

"That was, like, unreal," witness Diane Knish told the State Journal.

The National Hole-in-One Association said the chances of what happened to the Blundys were 26 million to 1.

For their amazing accomplishment, the competitive couple got hats from the golf course.