Minnesota college student creates 3-page dating application for potential suitors

She has a business-like approach to love.

— -- Many young romantics spend hours searching online and scouring personal profiles for that perfect match, but one Minnesota college student has a rather business-like approach to finding her Cupid.

"I was bored one night and thought, dang, I should make a boyfriend application," Taylor Sele told ABC News.

A junior at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Sele created a three-page dating questionnaire in her quest to find true love.

There are the initial background questions: Do you smoke? What’s your favorite tv show? What's your favorite ice cream?

Sele said there are some answers she won’t tolerate. "If they don’t like dogs or choose the wrong ice cream—vanilla is a potential deal breaker."

Sele has handed out many of the applications herself and says potential suitors can also ask for one through her social media accounts.

"Quite a few guys thought it was weird and a lot of them thought I was crazy," she said.

At least one student didn’t think so. Abdu Frederickson told ABC News he didn't mind filling out the questionnaire. "You get to know someone a little better before going out and have things to talk about right away," he explained.

So far, Sele said she’s had more than a half-dozen dates and has only rejected four applicants.

Andrea Sele said her daughter has a good head on her shoulders and trusts her judgment. She even took to Facebook to help in her daughter’s matchmaking efforts.

"Although I originally didn't think Taylor Madison Sele took my matchmaker offer seriously, I guess I was wrong," she wrote. "So...if you, or anyone you may know, would be interested in "Dating My Daughter," please check out her pretentious boyfriend application below. #noshame"

For now, Taylor Sele said she is keeping an open mind and an open heart.

"The dates are fun, she added, "and it would definitely be neat to get a relationship out of this."