'Miserable Vacation' Man Gets Do-Over With Wife, Baby

Kevin Blandford has a happy return trip to Puerto Rico with his family.

— -- Remember this miserable man?

Well, he’s officially turned his frown upside down -- and it’s all because he finally got to go on vacation with his wife and baby girl.

Kevin Blandford, 34, of Louisville, Kentucky, won a free vacation to Puerto Rico through work.

“I got the award a couple of times for extraordinary service,” Blandford told ABC News. “Then they do a drawing each year and I got picked to go on the trip.”

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It’s a “pretty great opportunity,” he added, except for the fact that he and his wife, Bonnie, have an 8-month-old baby that was too young to make the trek to paradise.

Sadly, Bonnie and baby ended up staying home and Blandford’s buddy, Alec, joined instead.

They became so popular in fact that the Puerto Rico Tourism Company reached out to Blandford to offer him -- along with his wife and baby -- another all expenses paid trip back to sunny Puerto Rico.

It's pretty surreal,” he said.

The happy family just returned from their glorious vacation where they recreated all of Blandford’s gloomy photos, but this time, he’s beaming from ear to ear.

“I even brought the same shirts,” said Blandford, making sure they stopped at all the exact spots he visited before.

It seems the old saying proves true: “Happy wife, happy life.”