Model Mom and Her Baby With Down Syndrome Share Love of the Camera

Like mother, like son.

— -- Like mother, like son.

Amanda Booth and her son Micah may not share the same number of chromosomes — she with her typical 46 and he with the superstar one extra — but it's already apparent at just 11 months old that Micah takes after his mom. They both love the camera.

"As soon as the camera comes out, he looks right into it," Booth said. "Everyone says to [Micah} 'You're just like your mother."'

There's also the fact that Micah, like his mom, is gorgeous, though Booth was too humble to say so, at least about herself. "I felt like when we [she and her husband] got married, there was all this weird pressure on us to have kids. People would always say things like, 'you two have to have kids, they'll be so gorgeous' and I was like 'who are these crazy people?' but I guess they were right."

There's another way Micah's just like his mom, who has also modeled for Target, Old Navy and more. "I never thought I would meet someone as stubborn as me," she said. In Micah, she's met her match.

And in between shoots and her hectic schedule (she's shot 50 network commercials in the last few years) Booth has some very important business to attend to. "I'm just beginning to plan his first birthday party," she said.