Mom Dresses Up Her 'Sweet PEA' Triplets in Epic DIY Halloween Costumes

The adorable 7-month-old triplets are taking social media by storm.

— -- Meet “Sweet PEA,” also known as Penelope, Ethan and Alejandra, the adorable 7-month-old triplets taking social media by storm with their epic DIY Halloween costumes.

“When you are longing for children for so long you can’t help but daydream of all the things you would do with them once they are here!” Hyneck told ABC News. “In my mind every holiday would be a little more memorable with a little kid we could have some fun with!”

“They responded so positively and with so much enthusiasm to see what we would dress them up as in sets of three that I decided that I wanted to come up with a few ideas that would inspire other moms and dads to have a little fun with their own kids at a low cost,” said Hynek.

So the busy new mom paired up with her good friend, Brittany Jepson, who has a site devoted to fun DIY ideas, to come up with 10 perfect costumes for her little ones.

“My ideas were mostly ones that were simple so that any mom could do at home with a pair of PJs and a couple iron-ons,” Hynek said.

Hynek had so much fun dressing up her babies that she said Halloween is now her favorite holiday.

“Having little Penelope, Ethan and Alejandra in our life this year has revived my excitement to come up with creative ways to celebrate the holidays!” she said. “A baby dressed up in just about anything is adorable, let alone a mini superhero!”

And as for which costume was her favorite?