Mom 'dresses' her 3-year-old daughter in delectable food and flower gowns

Feast your eyes on these food and flower dresses.

— -- Feast your eyes on these delectable food and flower dresses.

Turkish mom Alya Chaglar, an oil painter, poses her 3-year-old daughter, Stefani, with them to look like gorgeous gowns.

“The first picture was made only for fun. It was hot summer day, and I tried a watermelon slice as a dress,” Chaglar wrote to ABC News. “I laughed out loud when I saw her face expressions and the way she posed, so I decided to share that picture in my account. I loved the reaction.”

The dynamic duo has gotten significantly more creative since then, playing with depth and trying out other foods from broccoli to ice cream cones, bananas, hot peppers and cauliflower.

“Some people loved the dress and creativity, others noticed how artistic and funny Stefani is,” said Chaglar. “For me, this dress series is not about creativity, but much more about Stefani. She has [a] very bright personality and I want to show it through my pictures. My daughter inspires me more than anyone or anything else.”

The colorful creations are a big hit on their Instagram, @seasunstefani.