Mom fed up with end-of-year testing sounds off in viral post

PHOTO: Adrian wood of North Carolina is pictured here with her children. Adrian wood
Adrian wood of North Carolina is pictured here with her children.

A North Carolina mom is fed up with end-of-year testing, and she's not alone.

Adrian Wood posted on Facebook on May 30 about "EOG" or end of grade tests. The post, entitled "Stop the EOG Madness" has been shared thousands of times.

Wood's third-grade son was so sick with worry about the testing that awaited him, he ended up in the nurse's office, she said.

"This is not about standardized testing," she told ABC News. "This is about children, 8-year-olds, so stressed that they are vomiting beforehand and after and required to sit for three hours for two days."

Wood writes in the post that her son was scared he would not be able to go to fourth grade if he didn't do well on the test. In North Carolina, the tests begin in third grade.

Wood also has older children and said her son's reaction has been her family's reality.

"This is our family's third year with testing and each year, it travels with tears for someone," she told ABC News. "My kids are bright and good students and as much as their teachers and I downplay the importance, stress is evident and hurts my heart."

The fact that the post has been shared so widely, she said, is evidence that other families have has similar experiences. Overall, the feedback, she said, has been "overwhelmingly positive."

"I think families are so tired of not being heard and it seems our state runs public schools from a political angle rather than what is best for our children angle," she said. "I think our schools are moving in a direction to succeed on tests and our children are suffering."