Mom Shamed for Buying So Many Christmas Presents Pushes Back Against Critics

The coupon blogger reminds critics that "this is about three little children."

— -- British mother Emma Tapping has been called an "idiot" and "materialistic" after she posted a photo of her Christmas tree nearly obscured by the stack of presents all around it.

Now, the mother of three and coupon blogger is defending herself against critics who say she's bragging.

"I did not go on a 'spree' its been well documented I do this throughout the year," she added, before clarifying, "The presents under the tree are for my children, myself, my partner and my mother, not just the kids."

Tapping echoed these comments on "Good Morning America" Friday, even describing what type of gifts she purchased for her family.

"A lot of things are things that they need because I don't spoil them throughout the year so they get their clothes for the year," she detailed. "They get their smellies, their bubble baths, their perfumes, make up for the older one, for the year. Because if they want anything else they have to save up for that themselves."

Tapping said she's able to afford all of the presents thanks to saving tricks, which she's been using "for years. I mean one of the presents under there, it's a $100 coat for $5. I use voucher codes. I haggle."

The mother said she would "absolutely" buy tons of presents next year.

"I hope everybody has a great Christmas in their way, but if the picture offends, don't look," she added on "GMA." "Because I'm being blasted as a bad mother when there's grown men and women bashing three little children at Christmastime on social media."