Mom-speed-dating video will leave you in stitches

Finding mom friends isn't easy, but at least we can laugh about it.

ByABC News
October 17, 2017, 1:13 PM

— -- Of all the struggles of motherhood -- sleepless nights, potty training, answering what feels like a million requests a day from tiny dictators -- there's another hard aspect of motherhood that catches most women by surprise.

Making mom friends.

But as with most things in parenthood, it's easier to laugh than to cry about it and that's exactly what Tiffany Jenkins is doing.

Jenkins posted on Facebook an all-too familiar parody of what the hunt for a great mom-friend feels like in a video called, "Speed Dating: Mom Friend Edition."

"There are so many mothers out there, but finding one you can mesh with is not easy," Jenkins, a mom of three from Sarasota, Florida, told ABC News about the inspiration for her video. "We get so wrapped up in taking care of our family we forget how important it is to have a mom squad."

Jenkins, who will celebrate her fifth year of sobriety next month, said she uses her page to show others that a life after addiction is possible.

"So many moms, including myself, compare ourselves to other moms on social media who appear to have it all together. Doing this makes us feel like failures," she said. "It makes us feel alone and ashamed that we are unable to keep up with the incredible demands of motherhood."

Jenkins makes the videos on her page in "my true, honest form. No makeup, no filters, messy house, ice cream for breakfast and nervous breakdowns."

She uses her humor to draw people in and said people are "amazed" when they find out she's an addict.

"The number of moms who have come forward to thank me for making them feel OK about who they are is unbelievable," she said.