Mom’s Photos of Her Babies Cuddling Their Pet Bunnies Are Heaven on Earth

PHOTO: Mom’s Photos of Her Babies Cuddling Their Pet Bunnies is Heaven on Earth PlayInstagram/livesweetphotography
WATCH Mom's Photos of Her Babies Cuddling Their Pet Bunnies Are Heaven on Earth

Happy babies and hoppy bunnies together -- what could be cuter?

Lindsey Bonnice, a Pennsylvania photographer, captures her three children cuddling with their pet bunnies on her Instagram account, livesweetphotography, which has garnered a whopping 111,000 followers.

The trend began with her adopted daughter, Libby, who is now 3 years old, and now that the family has welcomed a brand new adopted baby son named Finn into the mix, they’re carrying on the tradition with him.

“I love all the joy it brings everyone including myself and my kiddos,” Bonnice told ABC News of photographing her kids with their fuzzy bunnies. “There's nothing sweeter then the joy of children hanging with their favorite critters for me!”

The whimsical photos have gone viral, for obvious reasons. But the bunnies don’t always make for the most patient muses.

“It can be a challenge at times for sure,” she explained. “The bunnies don't always love to sit still because they are very curious and love to hop all over when they are out. I often have to put them in place several times and snap fast before they are off playing again.”

Their four bunnies -- Lucy, Leo, Opal and Tulip -- aren’t the only pets the family has, however.

“We have two dogs, two cats, two pigs, four bunnies, two goats, a sheep and a whole lotta chickens!” Bonnice said.

All of the children’s friends love to play at their house, which they refer to as “the petting zoo,” she added. “Often the kiddos don't want to leave once they get here.”

And although the menagerie of animals can get hectic at times, somehow “they are also calming and help us live a crazy but simple life all caring for and loving on each other,” Bonnice said.

“It's my perfect little dream land!”

Take a look at their adorable adventures.