'The Money Pit' house is for sale and it's in perfect condition

The home is located in Long Island, New York.

— -- The home featured in the 1986 hit movie, "The Money Pit," is for sale.

And unlike in the movie, it's in perfect condition.

In the movie, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, the couple struggles to make repairs to a home they thought was perfect, but turned out to be far from it. But in good news for potential buyers, the destruction the house faced during its renovation process took place in a studio, not in the home itself.

Now on the market and priced at $5.9 million, this Locust Valley, New York, home is in perfect condition. The 23-room home has seven large ensuite bedrooms plus a four-room master suite, an eat-in kitchen, eight fireplaces including one in the grand foyer, large formal rooms, a study, pool and pool house.

The 14,000-square-foot home is featured on Top Ten Real Estate Deals. It is represented by Sotheby's.