6-Month-Old Boy Shows Off Impressive Water-Skiing Skills

Like any serious athlete, Auburn had to follow an intense training regimen.

ByABC News
September 5, 2016, 4:25 PM

— -- Six-month-old Auburn Absher can't quite crawl, but that's not stopping him from taking part in one of his family's favorite pastimes: Water-skiing.

With his mother, Heather, by his side, Auburn rode his custom-built trainer ski as his dad towed it at full sprint on Falls Lake in North Carolina. Baby Auburn, donning a mini life jacket, held on to a special railing that his dad says he built from PVC piping. Dad says the baby had no extra help.

"He's got himself a death grip on that thing," Rob said. "His hands were not taped at all, he's actually holding on, he's got a real strong grip."

Rob says that the family are "really enthusiastic water sports people," and he claims that Auburn -- who was 6 months and 10 days old on Sunday -- now holds the record of world's youngest water skier. (ABC News is unable to independently verify the record claim.)

"I’ve always dreamed of doing it even before he was born," he said. "My wife was not too for it -- it seems worrisome for a kid to do it that young."

When Auburn was born eight weeks early on Feb. 25, the couple decided that water-skiing was out of the question.

But in recent weeks when Auburn began attempting to stand on his own, the parents reconsidered.

Like any serious athlete, Auburn had to follow an intense training regimen.

"He started in the living room, and then a couple of days ago, we pulled him around the yard," Rob explained.

When family came into town this weekend, Rob and Heather realize it was time to show off Auburn's skills.

Employing his training, Auburn was able to maintain his grip and stone-faced composure for 150 feet over a period of about 30 seconds before his mom had to step in.

Looking ahead, Rob says that the family will "keep on progressing him," but their main priority at the moment is teaching him to crawl, walk and talk.