Mother-Son Duo Sworn in as Flint, Michigan Police Officers

ByABC News
May 3, 2016, 3:04 PM

— -- The streets of Flint, Michigan will soon be patrolled by a mother and son duo, who were recently sworn-in together as members of the Flint Police Department.

Soon after Maria Reed, 39, first applied to the police academy at Mott Community College, in Fenton, Michigan, her son, Dion, 20, followed.

The pair went through all 16 weeks of the training in tandem. The academy’s training coordinator told ABC News it was the first time he’s seen a parent and child complete the program together.

“I’ve been doing police academies for 27 years and have never even heard of it,” said Sgt. Dunnell Chaney of the Law Enforcement Regional Training Academy. “I’ve seen brothers but never a parent and a child.”

The pair graduated last Thursday, according to Chaney. Dion said he took some ribbing from his classmates while at the academy with his mom.

“They make a lot a jokes, like the only reason I'm at the academy is because she can't find a babysitter," Dion told ABC affiliate WJRT-TV in Flint, Michigan.

Maria and Dion were two of the seven new officers sworn in to the Flint Police Department on Monday morning. They will join the 107-member strong police force for the Michigan city.

"This is the first I’m aware of a parent and child being sworn in together," Flint Police Capt. Leigh Golden told ABC News. "It is pretty unique."

The mother and son are in training this week and could not be reached by ABC News. They will start "working the road" next week, according to Golden.

Maria will have her first full shift as a uniformed Flint officer on Mother’s Day. When she is on the job though, she says she will just be Officer Reed. She told WJRT-TV, “I can't be a mom when I am out there doing my job."