Multimasking Beauty Trend Takes Over Social Media

The latest trend to take the beauty world by storm is called multimasking.

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August 6, 2015, 10:20 AM

— -- The latest trend to take the beauty world by storm is called multimasking -- and it has women from coast to coast mugging on social media to show the secret to a flawless face.

So what exactly is multimasking? It’s the practice of using different types of masks on different areas of the face, all at the same time.

The resulting patchwork effect may look strange, but experts including Dr. Julie Russak say multimasking makes sense.

“The skin on the T-zone where you have the highest concentration of oil glands is very different than the sensitive skin around the eyes. You cannot use the same product on different areas if you want to address those issues,” Russak, a dermatologist, said. “It's applying the right product to the right area on your face so it’s appropriate to all the patients. We all have different skins on different parts of our face. Multimasking is really for everybody."

Yahoo beauty editor-in-chief and celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown visited “Good Morning America” to give viewers useful tips about how they can make multi-masking part of their routine.

“It’s good to be able to do it yourself at home, and everyone has different skin,” Brown explained. “Some people have combination skin; sometimes we’re dry, sometimes we’re oily. So it’s good to be able to know what different things do.”

The benefit of multimasking is to target specific areas on the face that have different needs. Here is a breakdown of the masks and how they are most beneficial to your skin type:

For Oil: Green Tea Oil Mask (Light green, apply thick)

This mask keeps skin clear, eliminates shine and reduces acne.

Unclog Pores: Mud Mask (Gray)

This mask removes impurities and reduces blemishes.

For Brightening Skintone/Hyperpigmentation: Bright White Mask (White, apply thick)

This mask reduces dark spots, brightens complexion and is good for sun damage, acne, etc.

For Blackheads/Acne: Charcoal Mask (Gray)

This mask draws out impurities like a magnet.

For Detoxifying: Luminizing Black Mask (Black, apply thick)

This mask draws out dirt, is made with clay and is a great way to reboot the skin.

For Anti-Inflammatory/Hydrating: Blue Calming Mask (Blue, apply thick)

This mask calms skin, adds moisture and is good for sensitive skin or post-sun.

Beauty bloggers have jumped on board to camouflage their complexions.

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