Newlyweds Nail Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Routine at Wedding

VIDEO: Couple Nails Iconic Dirty Dancing Routine at
WATCH Couple Nails Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Routine at Wedding

Talk about having the “Time of Your Life” at your wedding!

Lindsay Pergola and Richie Guarini, of New Jersey, skipped the traditional first dance at their New Year’s Eve nuptials for a surprise version of the famous “Dirty Dancing” routine, blowing away their friends and family with a smoke machine, perfectly in-sync steps and even nailing the signature Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze lift.

“The two of us were just on cloud 9 in general all day,” Pergola, 30, told ABC News. “But after nailing that, it was finally like we can breathe.”

VIDEO: Couple Nails Iconic Dirty Dancing Routine at
VIDEO: Couple Nails Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Routine at Wedding

“Dirty Dancing” has been the bride’s favorite movie since she was a little girl.

“It’s one of those movies that will never go out of style and I could watch it every day over and over and over again,” she said.

So when she asked her groom if he would consider reenacting the epic dance number at their wedding, she was thrilled he obliged.

“He was pretty good,” said Pergola, a dance teacher at Essex Dance Academy in Fairfield. “He would get a little stressed out at times. But for him to agree to do that, I was like, ‘You’re the best thing ever.’”

Unlike his wife, Guarini has no dance experience, which is pretty impressive considering the couple only practiced for about a month.

“Realistically, we probably only started the month before our wedding,” she recalled. “We tried to do it a littler earlier but things just got crazy. And then all of a sudden I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we have four weeks. We need to get this going.’”

The lovebirds are currently honeymooning in Hawaii, enjoying how many people are getting a kick out of their “Dirty Dancing” reenactment, which has 15 million views on Facebook.

It’s safe to say nobody puts this bride in a corner.