Overdue Pregnant Woman Wakesurfs to Help Induce Labor

This adventurous mama has no problem hanging 10 at 40 weeks pregnant.

ByABC News
August 16, 2016, 1:30 PM

— -- This adventurous mama has no problem hanging 10 at 40 weeks pregnant.

Kolby Fahlsing, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is going viral for her incredible wakesurfing skills despite being overdue for the birth of her baby boy.

“My mom was in town and I was just waiting for baby to come and I thought, ‘I might as well, I feel fine,’” Fahlsing, 32, told ABC News. “I wanted to see if I could do it and it’s a stress reliever for me. It gets my mind off things.”

The proud new mama said wakesurfing is a hobby she loves to do.

“I think if I didn’t live in Minnesota and could surf more I’d love to do it professionally,” she explained. “I’m a business owner as well so I don’t have time to do it as much as I’d like.”

Although the wakesurfing didn’t induce labor immediately, Fahlsing’s brand new bundle of joy was born five days later on Aug. 10.

“He kicks when he’s out there because I’m having fun and my hips are moving a little bit,” she said of the water sport. “I don’t think it helped because I had to be induced and I was in labor for three days. This was my first child and I was in labor for three days but I only pushed for an hour. My abs were really strong and when things were going on, my doctors were like, ‘This is insane.’”

Fahlsing said wakesurfing is not dangerous for the baby as the boat is moving at a slow speed and the exercise is low-impact.

“People confuse wakesurfing with wakeboarding or water-skiing or tubing,” she explained. “With wakeboarding you’re going maybe going 25 miles an hour. And wakesurfing you’re going 9 or 10. And it’s behind a wakesurf boat. It’s specially designed to wakesurf. People might not understand that we’re being very safe and you’re going pretty slow and it’s low-impact. If I were to fall, it would be like jumping into the pool.”

The new mommy, who underwent in vitro fertilization to get pregnant, can’t get enough of her brand new baby boy named Wilder.

“He’s pretty amazing. I was told I’d never get pregnant ever and so it’s still pretty surreal,” she said. “He’s got really long hair so he’s my little surfer baby.”