Here's How Parents Can Help Santa This Christmas

Who do they think buys all those presents?

— -- Who says Santa isn't real?

But if your kids are starting to lose faith in old St. Nick, here's how to prove to them that Santa is very much real, busy at the North Pole putting the final touches on his sleigh and the trove of presents he'll soon deliver around the world.

Maybe these tips will help bring back the magic:

1. Always Leave Cookies for Santa

They'll always be gone by the morning, right? Hey, it's OK if you make your favorite kind and eat them all by yourself. We all know that Santa shouldn't be eating any more sugar, anyway.

Can you imagine what Ms. Claus would say if she knew we were feeding Santa snickerdoodles?

2. ... And Carrots for the Reindeer

It's always wise to think of the little guys. We hear carrots are Rudolph's favorite.

3. Remember, Santa Brings Everyone Presents

It helps if your kids see that Santa not only brought them presents, but you, too! But we all know that Santa can't fit that many gifts in his sleigh, so it's all right if you buy yourself a present, wrap it and put it under the tree with a note that reads "From Santa."

Just remember to use different wrapping paper!

4. Give Santa a Helping Hand -- Er, Footprint

It might not be snowing at home, but there's plenty of white stuff where Santa comes from. So consider using flour or baby powder to make "Santa Steps" or "reindeer footprints" on your doorstep or leading to the tree.