This Photo Perfectly Sums Up the 2 Types of Kids on the 1st Day of School

While some kids can hardly wait, others are less than thrilled.

— -- While some kids are ready with a brand-new outfit and a fresh set of No. 2 pencils, others dread the first day back to school after a summer of fun. This photo proves just that.

The image, which was posted to Reddit last week, went viral, probably because no matter which camp your kids are in, it is summed up pretty perfectly in this hilarious shot.

Haden Clark posted this photo, sent to him by his sister, of his niece and nephew before they headed out for their first day of kindergarten and Pre-K. While the little girl smiles eagerly at the camera, her backpack on and ready to go, her younger brother lies on the floor looking defeated and, well, less than thrilled.

"[Their mother] sent me that picture early that day in a group message with the rest of my siblings and I thought it was funny/relatable so I posted it on Twitter," Clark told ABC News over e-mail. "I never thought it would go viral!"

Clark also posted it to Reddit with the caption "There's two types of kids on the first day of school..."

Sure enough, it had parents everywhere laughing in agreement.

As for our unhappy friend on the floor, not to worry. Clark told ABC News that despite the rough start, the first day of Pre-K wasn't as rough as his nephew had expected.

"My sister sent me some pictures later of him having a good time," Clark told ABC News. "He did have an instance of falling and hitting his head, but other than that he enjoyed it!"