How to Look Better in Photos: Celebrity Photographer's 6 Tips

Nigel Barker knows that being photogenic can be a state of mind.

January 02, 2014, 1:46 PM

Jan. 2, 2014— -- intro: Now that the holidays are over, the gifts are given and the champagne toasted, what remains are the memories -- and those awkward, obligatory group photos with family and friends.

The stiff poses, the plastered smiles -- perhaps an elderly uncle who refused to smile at all -- and Instagram filters can only help so much.

But while some people kick off 2014 vowing to lose weight or spend more time with family, there's one New Year's resolution that is super simple to accomplish -- looking better in photos.

World-famous celebrity photographer Nigel Barker, best known as a judge and photographer on "America's Next Top Model," and now host of the reality series, "The Face," spent time with "Nightline" in New York City's Times Square and said anyone can be photogenic.

"The best models on this planet, the best celebrities on the red carpet, they get into that moment, they emote," Barker said. "There's an authenticity, you've got to be in that moment."

Barker offered some of his tips for how to look better in photos, even those bumbling group shots. Take a look at his some of advice below.

quicklist: 1title: For the Perfect Portrait, Loosen Uptext: If you feel uncomfortable having your picture taken, then it will show on your face in the photo, Barker said, so have fun with it.

"If you look at a camera and you go, 'I don't like pictures of myself,' right, that fear, that look, that's what the camera picks up," he said.

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quicklist: 2title: Think of Your Favorite Party Songtext: The right music can put people in a happy mood, but since you can't always have a song playing when you're having your picture taken, Barker said just to think of one.

"Think of some song in your mind, get some rhythm going, it immediately loosens you up, and gives you a reason to smile, gives you a reason to flirt," he said.

quicklist: 3title: If You're a Lady, Put a Hand on Your Hiptext: Ladies who want to appear more feminine in their photos should put one hand on the hip and let the other one fall, Barker suggested.

A hand on the hip helps arm muscles look less big, so "let gravity do the work," he said. "You don't want to put both arms on your hips, just drop one... so you create this silhouette."

quicklist: 4title: If You're a Guy, Cross Your Armstext: But for the fellas, Barker said that men should stand with their arms crossed to give them a little more bulk.

"If you're a guy, you like to actually push your arm up against your body because you want your arm to look big, you want that muscle," he said.

quicklist: 5title: Before Group Shots, Move Around text: If someone is taking forever to take the group photo of the family, Barker said don't stand still.

"Move around a bit, move off your feet," he said. "And then that little surprise if you actually tickle someone in the group or get everyone to jump or something unexpected, then that spontaneity makes the picture work."

quicklist: 6title: Nigel's Go-To Pose? 'The Smize'text: "Tyra Banks, my old sort of partner, used to do something called 'the smize,' smile with your eyes," Barker said. "Do you know how to do that? Look at the camera, think of something rather delicious, in your mouth, melting."

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