• Lunchbox Dad's Amazing Animated Meals

    Lunchbox Dad's Amazing Animated Meals
    Look out lunch ladies: <a href="">Lunchbox Dad</a> is here to put the plain old PB&J to shame. Click through the photos and learn more about this awesome dad and his amazing lunches. Pictured here, Despicable Me 2 lunch featuring banana minions.
  • <a href="">Lunchbox Dad</a>, aka Beau Coffron, told ABC News, "I get most of my inspiration from my kids. This project has really helped me to pay more attention to watch they are watching, listening to, and reading." Pictured here, a Dr. Seuss Lunch with a combination of items from different books. The centerpiece is an apple and cheese Hat from Cat in the Hat.
  • "Every lunch that you see on my blog has something to do with what they are interested in at the time. If you know kids, you know that their interests change all the time so there is never a shortage of ideas coming from them," he said. Here, Finding Nemo with a dried mango Nemo and broccoli and snap pea turtle.
  • Here, Frozen Lunch with an Elsa Sandwich. This one was a hit with the kids. Coffron said when his daughter brought this lunch to school, ". . . people started singing Let It Go in the school cafeteria! She seemed to get a kick out of that."
  • Coffron said he makes the special lunches for his daughter on Sundays for her Monday lunch. "We call this Fun Lunch Monday. I picked Mondays because I thought it would be a great way to start the week in school plus it gives me the weekend to come up with ideas and make the lunch." Here, The Nightmare Before Christmas with a rice Jack Skellington and a cheese Oogie Boogie.
  • Coffron is a married dad of three kids -- including a newborn -- and works full time. "Some parents watch sports, some go snowboarding, some go to the gym, I choose to do this, " he said. Here, Charlie Brown Christmas with a Charlie Brown sandwich and a cheese Snoopy.
  • "I know this isn't for everyone, but hopefully my blog can inspire parents to think outside the box to show their kids love in new ways, even if it is not this," he said. Here, My Little Pony Pinkie Pie with a raspberry and cream cheese Pinkie Pie sandwich.
  • Pictured here, a Tinkerbell lunch with a spinach tortilla and cheese Tinkerbell."Some [parents] have even tried making different lunches for their kids after reading my blog, which has been fun to hear about. I do know that some parents in my daughter's class last year heard about the fun, healthier lunches and started making their kid's lunches healthier as well."
  • On the days that he doesn't make a fun lunch, Coffron said he still tries to make his daughter's lunches as healthy as possible. His oldest son isn't in school yet, but Coffron said he still makes him a fun lunch on occasion. His third child is a newborn. Here, Kung Fu Panda with a panda sandwich and pasta.
  • Not everyone's been supportive of Lunchbox Dad, however. Coffron said he sometimes gets negative comments on his blog. "There are always people who leave comments saying, 'Who has time for this,' or 'Must be nice to be a stay at home dad."' Curious George with a Curious George Sandwich and banana background.
  • Even though Coffron isn't a stay-at-home-dad, he said he has tons of respect for men who are. "I have about as much time as other people and I know stay at home dads who have less time than me and put everything they have into their kids. I think there is a misconception that stay at home dads just sit on the couch watching TV with their kids. This couldn't be further than the truth for most of them. I totally respect and admire the stay at home dads that I know." Here, Tangled with Rapunzel bread and pasta hair.
  • Are the other parents jealous of these amazing lunches? "Generally parents have been supportive," he said. Here, Mulan with a pancake Mulan face.
  • Spiderman with an apple head and cheese webs. <a href="">Check out many more of Lunchbox Dad's creations on his blog. </a>