Jena Cumbo
  • Bryn and Mike, Myspace

    Bryn and Mike, Myspace
    <p>For "We Met on the Internet," photographer <a href=""target="external">Jena Cumbo</a> and writer <a href=""target="external">Gina Tron</a> have profiled a number of couples that met online.</p> In January 2006, Bryn recalls "I found an image of [Mike] that he had posted that was utterly hilarious, so I friended him without sending him a [message] and he sent me a [message] back. We hit it off." They would write three or four emails a day for a month or so. They decided to make their friendship a reality by meeting in person that February.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Cora and Will, Craigslist's "Free Stuff" Section

    Cora and Will, Craigslist's "Free Stuff" Section
    Cora and Will met on Craigslist, but not in the dating section, instead, they met in the "free stuff" section. "I Just moved to New York and didn't have any furniture. Plus I hardly knew anybody in New York. Will posted free movie tickets that he won online." Cora emailed Will about the tickets and he wrote back. In the signature of his email was a link to his graphic art and illustration website. She complimented his work, which initiated a Skype conversation about art and why she moved.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Donna and John, Yahoo Personals

    Donna and John, Yahoo Personals
    "Neither of us had photos. It was very raw," said 49-year-old Donna of her conversing with now husband, 60-year-old John. The two began talking in 1999 after Donna put up a personals ad on Yahoo. At this time, most people didn't even exchange photos online. They exchanged a few emails back and forth, discussing blues music and their disdain for online dating.
    Jena Cumbo
  • George and Steve, Craigslist's "mfm" Section

    George and Steve, Craigslist's "mfm" Section
    George, left, and Steve, right, found each other on Craiglist's mfm section. Upon their initial conversation, they realized that they literally lived on the same block in Harlem. They met up a day after and started hanging out. George says of Steve, "He was very kind and gentle, good looking and tall. And he had a wicked sense of humor." Steve credits George for transforming him into an animal lover. "I was never into [animals]. He had an animal kingdom made up of a dog and a cat and now I love animals like crazy."
    Jena Cumbo
  • Giavanna and David,

    Giavanna and David,
    Back in 2011, 25-year-old Giavanna started writing to 37-year-old David, who was incarcerated at the time. She wasn't on the site looking for romance, more for a pen-pal relationship. "I thought it be cool to do it from an objective view." She said that David's profile stood out among the "scary" and often deceptive inmate profiles. She said that it didn't surprise any of her family and friends that she joined the site, because it was "something she would do."
    Jena Cumbo
  • Renee and Jack, JDate

    Renee and Jack, JDate
    Renne, 74, and 75-year-old Jack met on Jdate, Jack was struck by an image of Renee lighting a religious candle, as faith is very important to both of them. Jack was averse to dating someone in Manhattan, since he was living in Long Island, but Renee won him over, plus the parking space at her co-op on the Upper West Side helped "seal the deal." The two were wed in 2009 and have been living in Manhattan ever since. They have a rich and active life full of family activities with their extended families, as well as group events through their temple.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Katharine and David, MySpace

    Katharine and David, MySpace
    David and Katharine did not meet on a dating site. Rather, they bonded on Myspace over weight loss in 2006. Katharine had just moved to Boston and did an area search. She came across David, now 36, who mentioned on his profile that he had recently lost a lot of weight. Katharine, now 33, had also lost a considerable amount of weight as well.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Katie and Edison, Omegle

    Katie and Edison, Omegle
    In 2012, Katie was a photo student in Atlanta. She was at school, waiting for a photo processing to happen. Bored and alone, she visited a site called, which is a Chatroulette-type site. There were two ways of communicating on the site: video and text. "I didn't want to do video," said Katie, "because you never know what is going to show up." She kept messaging random people until she found Edison, who was living in New York.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Lily and David, JDate

    Lily and David, JDate
    The now 28-year-old Lily was living a life of "sexual liberation." She was "perfectly happy" with this, her mother on the other hand, was not. Her mother set up a JDate profile for Lily. "It had a picture from my high school yearbook." Basically the profile was loaded with lies. Lily went on a few dates her mother set up for her, all of which she claims were horrifying. Her mom set Lily up on a date with a boy that Lily found cute, Dave, of whom Lily remarks, "we had this connection." After four months, they moved in together and have been married for two years.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Linny and Pat, Craigslist's "Missed Connections" Section

    Linny and Pat, Craigslist's "Missed Connections" Section
    Linny, 31, and 29-year-old Pat have been a couple since 2008 and a married couple since 2012. This almost didn't happen. One day, Linny was sitting at a bar alone while her friend paid the bill. "[Pat] looked over at me and came and sat down," she said, "Usually I was not very receptive to that sort of thing. We had a conversation and when my friend came back I got up, touched his arm, and told him it was good to talk to him."
    Jena Cumbo
  • Nikki and Malliha, Instagram

    Nikki and Malliha, Instagram
    It started with a photo on Instagram. Twenty-seven-year-old Nikki, right, saw a photograph of 28-year-old Malliha, left. "It wasn't just that she was pretty and beautiful, it was just an amazing photo. I was taken aback," Nikki said. She saved the photo and used it as the screensaver on her tablet, "I would see this picture everyday I would get on my tablet." Oddly, on a hair-themed blog, Nikki saw Malliha again. She didn't realize it was the same person, because Malliha had sunglasses on in her Instagram photo. Nikki added Malliha on Instagram after seeing her on the hair blog.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Rain and Nelson, Facebook Poke

    Rain and Nelson, Facebook Poke
    The relationship between 19-year-old Rain, right, and 24-year-old Nelson, left, blossomed from a Facebook poke. "Why the hell do I have a poke from a random person?" Rain reflected. He messaged Nelson and they talked over the site for a month and a half. It turned into a date. They went to dinner and liked each other right away and soon began doing movie marathons together. "Some nights it would be girly night for me, where I would put on chick flicks and other nights he would choose the manly movies."
    Jena Cumbo
  • Suzanne and Shawn,

    Suzanne and Shawn,
    Suzanne, 36, and 38-year-old Shawn lived on the outskirts of Boston. Sharing a common bond of being tired of the city, they moved into a small house together near the woods. Before this, the two had only met a few months prior on In mid-March, Suzanne put Shawn into her "interested folder" on the dating site. Shawn took notice, and also noticed that their profiles were similar. They both liked arts and crafts, and they both were "light" in their likes. "My profile I said 'I like bees and butterflies,'" Shawn stated.
    Jena Cumbo
  • Taylor and Jonathan, Grindr

    Taylor and Jonathan, Grindr
    Love sprouts from the darkest of places sometimes. Model and photographer Taylor, 22, left, and 21-year-old Bumble and Bumble hair stylist Jonathan, right, met on Grindr, a site known for gay hookups. "It's so bad. I know," admits Taylor, "I had actually never used [the site] before. I had literally got it for the sole purpose of showing my hetero friends how disgusting the gay world can be. So I guess I kind of proved myself wrong."
    Jena Cumbo