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  • Australia's 'punk rock' turtle faces extinction

    The Mary River turtle, a native of Queensland, Australia, is pictured in this handout photo released by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) on April 12, 2018.<br></br>This reptile has a distinctive Mohican-style hairdo, which is actually algae growing on its head, and the ability to breathe through its genitals. It was once a popular pet in Australia. This week it ranked 29th on the Zoological Society of London's Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered list.
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  • A rare white moose is spotted in Sweden

    A rare white moose was spotted in Gunnarskog, Varmland province, Sweden, July 31, 2017. There are only around 100 white moose in Sweden. They aren't albino but instead grow white fur due to a generic mutation.
    Tommy Pedersen/TT via AP
  • Check out this glow-in-the-dark frog

    Scientists have discovered a tree frog that's the first amphibian with natural fluorescence that lives in South America.
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  • Holy Cow:This Cow Is Over 6 feet

    Danniel the 6 ft 4 inch cow is fed by owner Ken Farley and visitors on a farm in Eureka, California Nov. 4, 2016.
    David Johnson/Barcroft Images
  • Two-Headed Rattlesnake Slithers

    A young rattlesnake with two heads is seen in its enclosure at the reptile zoo in Scheidegg, Germany, July 22, 2016.
  • New Species of Spider Shows Off Its Colors

    A specimen of the newly-discovered Australian Peacock spider, Maratus Bubo, shows off his colourful abdomen in this undated picture from Australia.
  • An Owl Twists Its Head Upside Down

    Wildlife photographer Alain Balthazard captured the moment a short-eared owl managed to tilt his head in Champagne-Ardenne, France, April 2016. According to Balthazard, 49, the birds turn their heads up to 270 degrees in a display of surprise and curiosity when humans approach.
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  • Bird's-Eye View of a Hummingbird

    Photographer Matt Rose captured this shot of a hummingbird in his back yard in Glendale, Calif. on Feb. 16, 2016. Rose told ABC News that he was standing about two to three feet away from the bird when he took the photo.
    Matt Rose
  • World's Cutest Animal Makes Its Debut

    This unusual African sengi is one of two making its debut at Chester Zoo. The tiny newcomer, also known as a round eared elephant-shrew, was born at the zoo for the very first time during the summer in a special behind-the-scenes breeding facility. Bizarrely, the tiny creatures are not thought to be directly linked to their shrew cousins in other parts of the world and are more closely related to elephants, and are amongst very few mammals that naturally pair up for life.
    Chester Zoo/REX Shutterstock
  • Meet the Cat That Resembles a Werewolf

    There is a breed of cat which resembles a werewolf. The Lykoi cats get their quirky looks from a naturally occurring Sphynx cat mutation mixed with black domestic shorthair. The first litter was born in July 2010 according to Johnny Gobble, a practicing Veterinarian and Lykoi specialist based in Tennessee. Now the eye-catching and spooky appearance of these cats has started a trend in breeding the type.
    Brittney Gobble/REX Shutterstock
  • See Surfing Corgi Catch Wave

    A corgi named Jojo catches a wave in the medium size dog competition during the 10th annual Petco Unleashed surfing dog contest at Imperial Beach, Calif., Aug. 1, 2015. Proceeds raised at the event go to benefit the San Diego Humane Society.
    Mike Blake/Reuters
  • Brave Cat Nabs Hero Dog Award

    Tara, a 7-year-old adopted cat, wins the 33rd Annual National Hero Dog Award in Los Angeles, June 19, 2015. In May 2014, Tara fought off a dog that attacked her 6-year-old owner as he was riding his bicycle.
    Richard Vogel/AP Photo
  • Check Out the Dog That Can Skateboard

    Four-year-old British Bulldog "Bobo" skateboards past office workers during evening rush hour at Singapore's central business district May 8, 2015.
    Edgar Su/Reuters
  • Pig Excels in Dog Agility Class by Leaps and Bounds

    Amy, an indoor pig owned by Lori Stock, goes through agility training intended for dogs at the Family Dog Training Center in Kent., Wash., Feb. 10, 2015. Amy can do agility moves that most dogs her age cannot.
    Joshua Lewis/ Photo
  • Meet Adhira, San Diego Zoo's Rare White Cobra

    A rare white monocled cobra that was found in Thousand Oaks, Calif., has gotten a name at the San Diego Zoo. The snake was named Adhira, which means lightning in Hindi. Adhira received 4,612 votes in an online poll, besting Sapheda (white), Krima (cream), Cini (Sugar), Moti (pearl) and Sundara (beautiful).
    San Diego Zoo
  • Blind Owl Has Stars in His Eyes

    Pint-sized Zeus, a blind western screech owl, lives at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, Calif., where visitors are memorized by his glittering eyes. The starry-eyed bird was found on a local resident's porch and brought to the center where Paul Hahn, the center's founder, looks after him. Zeus is named after the Greek god of sky and thunder.
    Caters News Agency
  • Road-Crossing Two-Headed Turtle Doesn't Look Both Ways

    A two-headed snapping turtle sits on a rock in Hudson, Maine, Sept. 25, 2014.
    Dan Frye/WLBZ-TV/AP Photo
  • Genetically-engineered fish glow vibrantly

    Genetically-engineered fish (Pterophyllum Scalare var.) glow in a tank during the 2014 Taiwan Aquarium Expo in Taipei, Sept. 12, 2014. The 2014 Taiwan Aquarium Expo runs from September 12-15 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.
    Pichi Chuang/Reuters
  • Glasswing Butterfly

    Creatures with clear glass-like skin can be found all over the world but their very existence is still shrouded in mystery. The fascinating organisms verge on the invisible and their translucent skin often helps them elude predators. Seen here is a Glasswing butterfly.
    Valerie Taylor/Ardea/Caters News Agency
  • Paper nautilus

    Creatures with clear glass-like skin can be found all over the world but their very existence is still shrouded in mystery. The fascinating organisms verge on the invisible and their translucent skin often helps them elude predators. Seen here is a Paper nautilus.
    Valerie Taylor/Ardea/Caters News Agency
  • Are these ants dancing?

    These ants seem to be in the mood for dancing after being photographed practicing their ballet poses. Taken inside her homemade studio in Moscow, Russia, macro-photographer, Irina Kozorog, uses honey and sugar to tease the ants into the perfect position.
    Caters News Agency
  • Is This The Worlds Oldest Pet?

    A 116-year-old tortoise could be the United Kingdom's oldest pet, after living through two world wars and being passed down through three generations of the same family. Tommy, who is actually a female tortoise, was bought for £1 in 1909 from a London Market, by Margaret Cloonan. Tommy now lives with Sheila Floris and her husband Carlo.
    Caters News Agency
  • Two-Toned Cat Takes Internet By Storm

    Venus, a 'chimera' cat with a half-black, half-tabby fdeaturing one green eye and one blue has, become an internet sensation after her owner created a Facebook page in the cat's honor.
  • Pig, the Dog

    A woman scratches the head of Pig, a dog born with severe deformities, at a park in Alabaster, Ala. Found with littermates in woods near Atlanta. Pig runs and plays with other animals despite have a shortened spine, misshapen hips and no neck. She hops like a frog to stand up and walks with a high-shouldered gait that resembles a gorilla. Unable to swing her head side to side, Pig spins her whole body to see what's beside her.
    Jay Reeves/AP Photo
  • Hermit crab shelters based on famous places

    Artist <a href="" target="_blank">Aki Inomata</a> created hermit crab shelters based on famous places around the world.. From left, Thailand, New York, and Greece.
    Aki Inomata
  • See this Leaping Leopard’s High Wire Act

    A leopard leaps across a construction site near a furniture market in the Degumpur residential area in Meerut, India, Feb. 23, 2014.
    AFP/Getty Images
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