Pit Bull Recovering From Horrific Acid Injuries Awaits Happy Home

Rosie is said to have had hydrochloric acid dumped over her head.

— -- Rosie, a pit bull that was found with horrific burns as a result of being splashed with acid, is now being cared for by a Texas rescue group in hopes of finding her a home.

"What's amazing about animals like Rosie is their capacity for forgiveness," Lisa Norwood of San Antonio Animal Care Services told ABC News. "She knows we are trying to help her.

"Despite the pain she's going through, she knows there are better days ahead. It's something that, unfortunately, I've seen often working at the shelter -- animals being cruelly treated. It's an all too common sight, but nothing like this."

Norwood said that Rosie, estimated to be about 5 years old, was picked up at a private home by animal control on Aug. 12, following an anonymous tip.

"The call came in and was routed to one of our cruelty investigators for a follow-up," she added. "They were out there and were able to determine that she was indeed in pretty bad shape."

After further investigation, Norwood said, it was confirmed that hydrochloric acid was poured over Rosie's head and upper body, dissolving her entire right ear, as well as some of her left, and possibly leaving her blind.

Before she can be adopted, Norwood said, the dog will go through restorative eye surgery next week and have her burns treated.

"My understanding is that chemical burns act on the skin a bit differently than your traditional fire burns," Norwood said. "She may be a baldy for the rest of her life, but her skin will heal and we’ve already started to see that healing taking place."

Norwood said Rosie is now warming up to shelter staff.

"Yesterday she was wagging her tail and was giving kisses to the vet techs," she added. "At the end of the day, she's just a dog. She wants toys to play with, a soft bed to sleep in.

"[There's] no doubt that she will find a home," Norwood said. We ran into Rosie for a reason and that’s her outlook. She's a sweet girl -- she really is."

Rosie's case is still under investigation by animal rescue officers.