Placenta Photos Latest Trend in Birth Photography

Don't eat it, just take a picture.

— -- Birth photographers see it all: from the operating room of a c-section birth to a pool of water for a mom who wants to deliver at home. There's little off-limits when it comes to capturing the precious moments of childbirth.

(Editor's note: The following article includes photos showing full placentas, which may be unsettling to some readers.)

But until recently, the placenta wasn't typically part of a photo shoot. That's changing: more moms are opting to keep their baby attached to the placenta for at least long enough to have the two photographed together.

Last week, Lynn Paltrow gave birth to a baby girl. The Lynden, Washington mom knew she wanted to have a photo of the baby and placenta together after seeing a similar photo online. So she ran the idea past her photographer.

"It meant that Lydia stayed attached to the placenta for about an hour until she had her newborn exam performed by the midwife and we set up for the photo," Paltrow told ABC News. "By that time, the cord was completely white and like a thick strand of cooked spaghetti."

Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography, who took the photo of Lydia Jane, said she thinks the placenta and baby photo is poised to be the newest trend in birth photography.

In January, a similar photo snapped By Emma Jean Photography went viral and was shared thousands of time. Emma Nolan, who took the viral photo, told ABC News she's seen an increase in the request for babies to be photographed with the placenta, since including a very recent photo of twins.

Paltrow said she'd take the photo all over again. "I would do it this way again in a heartbeat. Lydia was born into a calm and relaxed environment surrounded by love, and it was everything I had hoped and prayed for when I was visualizing her birth. Having a photo like this to top off the end of an amazing birth experience is just icing on the cake. She is a beloved daughter and blessing from God."