Prom Fashions Through the Years

Take a trip down memory lane with a look back at style through the decades.

— -- It's prom season, and for high school kids everywhere, the search is on for the perfect prom style.

But kids today will dress for prom in a far different fashion than their parents. combed through its site to share with ABC News the defining looks of the last five decades. Though the outfits change, one thing remains the same: prom is a big deal in the life of a teen.

Dating all the way back to the 1940s, prom has provided statement-making style moments for high school students -- but what’s considered “in” has changed quite a bit. To celebrate the season, pulled together some of the defining dance looks from each decade.

1950s: "When it comes to 1950s prom fashion, 'Grease' is the word. Think tea-length, swingy dresses perfect for doing the hand jive. The poofier the skirt, the better."

1960s: "Dresses became a little more fitted in the 60s with the popularity of Twiggy’s mod shift dress silhouette."

1970s: "In the 70s, the fellas rocked some far out tuxedos, while the girls loved bohemian-inspired gunny sack shapes. Floral prints and pastels were also at their pinnacle."

1980s: "Prom in the 80s meant big sleeves, big hair and bright colors."