Ramnuts – Ramen Donuts – are Latest Insane Ramen Creation

PHOTO: A cream ramen donut.Courtesy Josh Scherer
A cream ramen donut.

In the year and change since the ramen burger burst onto the scene, we’ve seen culinary creations like the ramen burrito, ramen grilled cheese, ramen tacos, ramen pizza, ramen lasagna, ramen sushi and more.

But never anything sweet. Thank goodness Josh Scherer is around to change that. Scherer, the blogger behind Culinary Bro Down, has created ramen doughnuts. Or, as he likes to call them, ramnuts.

PHOTO: A variety of ramen donuts. Courtesy Josh Scherer
A variety of ramen donuts.

Specifically, they’re ramen noodles boiled in horchata (cinnamon-spiced milk), molded and stuffed with custard or jam, then fried in oil, frosted and sprinkled. And there’s a recipe!

“They were really good. It had a flavor profile really similar to rice pudding, and a texture like kugel. I'd do some things differently to optimize the recipe -- make them thinner to create more surface area, fry at a lower temperature to allow for more oil penetration,” Scherer told ABC News. “If you really think about it, there's no reason this shouldn't taste good, it's just fried dough and sugar.”

PHOTO: A jelly ramen donut. Courtesy Josh Scherer
A jelly ramen donut.

If you, too, want to make this insane creation, click here for the recipe.