This rescue dog and rescue turkey are BFFs

The two are "constant companions."

— -- It's well known that dogs are a human's best friend. But in the case of Minnow, a rescue dog, she's also a turkey's best friend.

Minnow, a 3-year-old sapsali, belongs to Abbie Hubbard, who is also foster "mom" to 10-week-old Blossom, a rescue turkey that came to her at 5 weeks old. Blossom was rescued from a slaughterhouse after workers moving turkeys inadvertently left her behind.

"I brought Blossom home and let her out of her carrier, where Minnow was waiting for her," Hubbard, 40, told ABC News. "Minnow immediately went to Blossom and gave her a nudge and a kiss. Blossom seemed immediately comfortable with Minnow, and after exploring Minnow's soft bed, she went to Minnow and cuddled up to her.

"Later, I was snuggling with Minnow, and Blossom seemed to understand that I could be a source of comfort too. So she came and snuggled up next to me. I'll never forget that moment."

Blossom isn't Minnow's first fowl friend. Hubbard previously fostered a chick named Chickpea. Chickpea now resides at a local farm, a better environment than Hubbard's townhouse in Northern Virginia.

"Minnow and Blossom are constant companions, and Blossom still takes comfort from Minnow," Hubbard said.

The threesome often spend their days in the backyard or on the couch together.

"If something scares Blossom," Hubbard said, "she looks to Minnow and takes her cues from her. On Halloween night, Blossom was unsure about the first few groups of children that came to our door. She would run and hide. Once she noticed Minnow greeting the kids and wagging excitedly at the door, Blossom stopped hiding and joined in the fun."

Hubbard said she hopes the happiness that Minnow and Blossom radiate "makes people stop and think about all life."

"Farmed animals have feelings, just as our companion animals do. They can nourish our souls far more than any meal ever would," she added. "If nothing else, I hope that they see that kindness exists in all souls and that their encounter with Minnow and Blossom inspires them to extend kindness to others."

Soon, Blossom will go to live at the same farm where Chickpea resides. "I know that Minnow will feel the loss when Blossom moves to the farm, but together, we will console each other and then fill that hole with another little soul who could use our help."