Rescue Group Pens Heartbreaking Letter to the 'POS' Who Abandoned Their Dog

This is a tough one to read without shedding a tear.

ByABC News
January 7, 2016, 4:31 PM

— -- The letter is titled: "Dear The Callous POS owner of this dog."

Judging from the many shares and likes to the open letter on the Kings SPCA-Rescue page, it seems many people agree with the author's sentiments.

Banjo, as he's come to be called by his rescuers, was dumped on the side of the road by his previous owner according to Kings SPCA-Rescue shelter manager Darlene Laboc. The rescue organization started getting messages and calls about a dog on the side of the road on Saturday and went to see if they could assist on the following Tuesday.

Banjo was still sitting there. Waiting.

Laboc said getting Banjo to leave the spot took hours and several volunteers, even though she now believes he was there for five days. And though Banjo is now doing well, "he cried for days," she said.

"He is so sweet and lovable," Laboc said. Still, she said, people don't understand what happens to an animal when they've abandoned. "They are broken. They are devastated."

Every day, she said, Laboc and her staff are faced with horrors. "Someone threw a Lhasa Apso in his carrier over our six-foot fence one night," she said. The dog required multiple surgeries. "Or they'll leave a box of newborn puppies with no food or water on our doorstep in the middle of the night, covered in urine and feces."

The work takes its toll. Though this particular letter has gone viral, the sentiment behind it is something the staff at Kings SPCA-Rescue feel almost every day. "We get furious like this all the time," she said. "We cry a lot."

For Banjo though, the future is bright. There have been several inquiries about adopting him, Laboc said. And though only one person will be lucky enough to be Banjo's next owner, Laboc said that people should use his story to motivate themselves to support and adopt from their local shelter.

"We do the best we can to take great care of our animals," she said. "But a shelter is no place for a dog."