How to Rock This Season's Hot Hair Look: Curls

Stars from Sarah Jessica Parker to Salma Hayek embrace this season's hot look.

Michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, appeared today on "Good Morning America" with tips on how to embrace your natural ringlets or even adopt the style with straight hair.

"It's a little more free-spirited," Lee said of the hairstyle's appeal. "Especially on the red carpet, people want to be a little more free-spirited."

Beachy, Loose Waves:

"It's all about the volumizing mousse with this," said Lee.

The other tip, according to Lee, is to let your hair dry 80 percent of the way and then put it into two braids and then let it air dry.

Avoid a Crunchy Texture:

Lee advises using a few drops of hair oil instead of mousse to leave your hair more "soft and manageable."

Spiraled Curls:

Lee advises finding a defining curl cream and applying it to your soaking wet hair after a shower at night. Then, put your hair into a really tight top knot and sleep on it.


You can have bangs when you have curly hair, according to Lee.

"If you have a really great side-swept bang with a loose wave, it's really flattering and chic," Lee said.

Straight Hair to Curly:

Lee recommends using two different sized curling irons - one thicker and one thinner - and alternating their use to turn straight hair into natural-looking ringlets.