What It’s Like to Be a Rockette While Being Mom to 3 Kids

Nicole Baker dances at least four shows a day, all while being a mom.

— -- For any working parents, the holidays can be a challenging time.

But for one group of working moms, this season can be especially challenging because they also happen to be Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The Rockettes dance four shows a day and perform up to six days a week, and Nicole Baker does it all while being a mother to three children.

Baker is one of three current Rockettes who are also moms. She's performed while ten weeks pregnant and even reported to rehearsal as early as three weeks after giving birth.

"I think of Rockettes as like a different character. The minute I get off stage I'm Nicole. I'm the mom," Baker said. "I make our lunches. I clean up if I need to, you know, get them ready."

Baker said she's well aware that women not so long ago were forced to choose between their careers and having a family, so she doesn't take for granted that she's able to be a working mom and a dancer at the same time.

"I don't want to give up. Times are changing. It's extremely, extremely exciting," Baker said.

Baker's family, including her husband Andrew Luftig, said they couldn't be prouder.

"She was born to be a mother. She was born to be a dancer. It's part of her spirit," Luftig told "Good Morning America."

"I always wanted to be a mom and a performer so I just never gave up," Baker said. "It's definitely possible."