Royal Family's Pet Hamster Marvin Comes to Life in Playful Illustrations

Like his royal family members, Marvin has a busy social calendar.

Princess Kate, who apparently had a hamster herself growing up, revealed in early-May that a hamster named Marvin joined the royal household. That same day, HRH Marvin the Royal Hamster was born on Twitter.

"I try to complete an illustration of Marvin on the same day as the royal family attends an event because the contrast of seeing Marvin and the royals in the same outfit makes me smile," Frazier told ABC News.

Just like his royal family, Marvin has a busy social calendar. Along with Prince William and Princess Kate Monday, Marvin attended the Royal Chelsea Flower show in a green dress like Kate's and looked at the Princess Charlotte chrysanthemum flower.

"The nature of the event is definitely part of the creative process for me, like decorating Marvin's hamster wheel with flowers after the Royals attended the flower show," Frazier said.

Following his royal family members, Marvin supported The Heads Together Campaign to change perceptions about mental health, rocking his own hamster-size headband. He also paid tribute to uncle Prince Harry's work with the Invictus Games to honor wounded warriors, donning the signature “I AM" Invictus T-shirt.

Marvin also got dressed up in a matching robe like his best buddy, Prince George, to meet President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in April.

While "Covergirl" Kate may have stolen the show with her Vogue magazine cover, Marvin the hamster also got in on the act with his own magazine spread.

Taking all she knows from news on the royals, Frazier lets her creativity run wild.

“Princess Charlotte likes it when Marvin's whiskers tickle her face, and that is [Marvin’s] true gratification in life, much better than any of his daydreams,” Frazier said.

In her mind, there is no competition between Marvin and the Cambridge family’s first dog, Lupo.

“Marvin and Lupo live in harmony,” Frazier said, “And, by harmony, I mean Marvin does his best not to resemble a chew toy when Lupo is around.”

Marvin's next outfits will "just follow the whim of his daydreams," Frazier told ABC News, adding that she is looking forward to illustrating some "favorite 'throwback' looks" on the account.

While Frazier hasn't heard from Marvin's very busy parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she would love to at some point.