#SantaFail: How to Make Your Kids' Visit With Santa Claus a Success

Here are tips to help your kids' photo and skip the hashtag, #SantaFail.

Parenting expert, Dr. Michele Borba told ABC News her four tips to ensuring a photo worthy moment with Santa Claus.

Put Your Child First

"I know the photo is critical and that's what we want, but really we could hire good old Uncle 'Ned to dress up and do the same thing in your own house," she said. "So ask your child, would you like to go? Generally, we don't watch the response. If he or she is a little hesitant, don't do it. Don't push."

"Take your child's lead," she added.

Other suggestions include standing in line with another child or having a friend go first.

Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!

"You may want to do a little bit of pre-work ahead of time," Dr. Borba said. "It really helps children to practice. Perhaps daddy can dress up with a Santa hat and a beard and watch your child's response. Then have your child put the hat and the beard on because the beard is what scares the pants off of kids. So you can rehearse it ... put it on the dog and the teddy bear and they'll feel safer."

She added, "Drop by the day before and ask, 'Hey you wanna come back tomorrow?' If you're in doubt, do a drop by."