3 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Safe in Summer Crowds

Ease your mind and get ready for summer fun.

July 10, 2016, 3:09 AM

— -- Amusement parks, fireworks displays and beaches are all part of summer fun. They're also full of crowds. Keeping track of the kids can be challenging so here are three simple ideas for keeping the kids safe in crowds this summer:

1. Liquid Band Aid -- no need to save it for bruises and cuts. Simply write your phone number on your child's arm, for example, and cover it with liquid band aid to keep it from rubbing off. That way if your child gets separated from you, a good Samaritan can reach you easily and quickly. Cost: $7.

2. Glow Sticks -- The kids will love them, and they're an easy way to spot your kids once the sun goes down. Necklaces, bracelet or both -- a simple and fun way to spot your kids easily in the dark. Cost: $10 for 50 on Amazon.

3. Bright-colored clothing -- It's been common wisdom to put bright clothes on the kids, but it's something adults should be doing too. Your child will be able to spot you more quickly in a crowd if you're wearing a neon green T-shirt rather than a white tank top. Be sure to play the "What am I Wearing" game before you leave the house -- this goes for all family members. And if you can, snap a photo before leaving. Hopefully it'll only be used for fond memories, but just in case someone looking for your child needs a description, you'll have a same-day snap to share. Cost: Free.

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