Sisters' News Parody Warns Canadians: 'Take Your Fridge'

— -- If you live in Canada and missed last week’s edition of “News Tonight” on VCNHD, then watch out.

The lead anchor on that "news broadcast" warned Canadians to “get out of the area” and “bring your fridge” because of a pending tornado and blizzard.

Luckily for Canadians, the newscaster making those dire predictions was Libby, a seven-year-old girl from Seattle, who teamed up with her five-year-old sister, Sarah,to produce one hilarious newscast.

The sisters were visiting their uncle, Brian Randall, a Salt Lake City-based filmmaker and the owner of Black Hat Media, when Randall decided to let his nieces try out his new green screen.

“I said, ‘Hey guys, do you want to do the news?,’ and they just got way excited,” Randall, 29, told ABC News.

Randall put very news-like lapel microphones on each girl and then got the cameras rolling, neither providing the girls with topic ideas, a script or any prompting aside from teaching them how to "toss it back to each other."

Seated in the anchor's chair, Libby immediately chose to focus on America’s neighbor to the north, Canada.

“I know you’re having winter right now but there’s going to be a tornado and a blizzard,” Libby says to the camera, while also nailing the classic news anchor paper shuffle atop the desk. “So you’re going to have to be out of Canada, not even in an area of Canada but out of Canada until the area is clear and safe to go."

"Do not leave anything behind.”

Randall says his sister, the girls’ mother, told him after the newscast was filmed that a weather specialist had come from Canada to speak at Libby’s school and, as Randall says, “left quite an impression of what Canada was like.”

“Their mom was upstairs while we were filming and she was dying laughing because she could hear what they were saying,” Randall said. “They live close enough to Canada that they hear about it sometimes and then I think Sarah just sort of followed her sister.”

“Where tornadoes erupt, they erupt in Canada, Canada only, so never move to Canada, because that place has tornadoes slash earthquakes,” Sarah says in the newscast.

Randall, who says he’s a fan of satirical shows like “The Colbert Report,” made the girls’ newscast even more hilarious by adding graphics, a news ticker and a caption that read, “FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE, TAKE YOUR FRIDGE.”

“The supplemental visuals and the words just made it funnier for me,” Randall said.

Randall, who posted the video to YouTube on Tuesday, says his two nieces have a knack for being in the spotlight.

“Part of the reason I thought we should do this is because they are such little performers,” he said. “Their dad a few Christmases ago made them a little stage at their home so they could perform.”