What to see and what to skip in Ireland

The appeal of the Emerald Isle is universal.

Family roots aside, though, the appeal of the Emerald Isle is universal, thanks to its legendary hospitality, movie-worthy landscapes and cultural richness. The dollar's superior buying power, as well as a bevy of international airfare wars, is making 2017 the perfect year to visit.

If you're a first-timer to Ireland, here are a few ways to make your visit extra memorable.

Skip Summer, Go Shoulder

Skip the Hotel, Go for Breakfast

Skip the Hotel, Stay Fancy

Come for the Brew, Stay for the Meal

Sip the Whiskey, Taste the Difference

Skip the Bar Stool, Do the Crawl

After the Crawl, Go Country

Skip the Tour, Just Drive


Go North

Skip the Car, Take the Train

Skip the Movie, Play Location Scout