What to See and What to Skip in Toronto

Canada, it turns out, appears to have benefited from the 2016 U.S. election.

To celebrate Travelzoo Canada’s 10th anniversary, I recently returned to Toronto, Canada’s largest city, only to be reminded of just how distinct and vibrant this town is.

If you’re a Toronto first-timer, here are a few things to include on your to-do list.

Skip the Cab, Ride the Express

Skip YYZ, Fly YTZ

Don’t Walk, Fly

Skip the Streets, Visit the Tower

Skip the Mall, Shop Cultural Districts

Skip Downtown, Hit the Distillery District

Escape, If You Can

Skip the Hotel Pool, Hit the Beach

Skip the Hotel Gym, Hit the Slopes

Skip the Gallery, Visit Graffiti Alley

After the Museum, Take them to Class

Come for Tea, Stay for the Bees