Before the Cronut, There Was the S'Monut

PHOTO: New Yorks Macaron Parlour has created a smores doughnut, a combination of doughnut pastry and marshmallow smore.Macaron Parlour
New York's Macaron Parlour has created a s'mores doughnut, a combination of doughnut pastry and marshmallow s'more.

Let's be clear: The s'monut is not a copy cat of the cronut. And the owner of New York Citly's Macaron Parlour said he can prove it.

"It's been on the menu for over a year," said Simon Tung. "Someone posted a picture of it on Yelp in October of 2012. There's photographic evidence!"

No matter. Debating which came first -- cronut or s'monut -- is like debating the chicken and the egg. Who cares? They're both delicious.

The s'monut's creator, who also happens to be Tung's wife, said she was going through a "serious doughnut phase" when she came up with the idea. "I felt like topping a regular doughnut with glaze wasn't enough. I started putting all sorts of crazy things inside," said Christina Ha.

The s'monut has all the ingredients of s'mores -- graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow -- plus icing to bond the graham cracker to the doughnut.

At first, the two ladies from Ha's hair salon a few blocks away were coming in and buying up the s'monuts every day. The duo decided the Tungs needed to up production so that others could have a taste. They did, and now the s'monut is "selling out every day."

The $3 treat is normally available on weekends only, but for a limited time during the holiday season, the s'monut can be had every day of the week. But get there early, Tung warned. "It's first come, first served. People get mad when they come in late and we're all sold out.