Sneaky Little Boy Caught 'Green Handed' Covered in Paint

The inquisitive 2-year-old tells his daddy he’s now a “green monkey.”

January 30, 2015, 1:19 PM

— -- One little boy was caught “green handed” after deciding to sneakily explore his creative side while his dad was briefly in another room.

“I was at work. My husband went to the bathroom, walked out, and before my son could stop what he was doing he whipped out the camera to catch him ‘green handed,’” Dusti Arab, the boy’s mother, said of the unusual arts and crafts project caught on camera.

“So what’d ya do?,” Andrew Akers asks his 2-year-old, Tristan, in the YouTube video.

“I paint myself,” Tristan excitedly replies.

"Uhhh why?,” says dad.

"Because I did. I paint myself like a green monkey,” answers Tristan, completely confident in his response.

“You’re a green monkey now?,” dad clarifies.

“Yep!,” the little boy confirms.

The paint was located on the top shelf on a pantry unit in their kitchen, so Tristan “would have had to scale our pantry to get it!,” Arab explained. “It had been sitting there for too long in plain view apparently.”

Luckily for father and son, however, it was washable acrylic paint which came right off in the shower.

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