Steph Curry's Daughter, Riley, Gets Princess Pony-Themed Playhouse of Her Dreams

The playhouse has a tire horse swing, a ball pit, an upstairs loft, and a slide.

“I like to ride horses,” the 4-year-old explained when coming up with the concept for her miniature dream house.

The immaculate 20-foot-tall playhouse is the brainchild of Tyson and Audy Leavitt, creators of Charmed Playhouses, a magical company that grew from a landscaping business into a booming backyard industry with some of the cutest clientele -- kids.

“She rides. They had her in equestrian school,” his wife, Audy, explained of Riley’s horse inspiration.

After meeting with the Curry family in their Oakland, California, home, the Leavitts got busy building and beautifying the playhouse designed to emulate a chic riding stable.

“We had been in their house and I saw Ayesha’s taste. She’s not over the top,” Audy, who is in charge of the playhouse’s interior decorating, said of Riley’s mom’s style. “We went very classic on the interior. We didn’t go too crazy with the colors. Riley suggested pink and Ayesha wanted blues and greens. We kept it a very clean slate with a lot of gray and neutrals.

“But almost everything has horsey something on it. And horses are such a classic theme,” she added. “We wanted it to look like this cool stable, but open it up and it’s like a home inside. There’s a day bed inside that Riley can use during the day or she can sleep in it at night.”

The entire 140-square-foot princess pony playhouse only took about two weeks to build, but getting it into the Curry’s backyard was definitely the most difficult part.

“Tyson builds here in Lethbridge, Canada, and then they get shipped on the truck and reassembled,” Audy said of transporting the masterpieces from their Canadian-based company to the lucky recipient’s home. “Sometimes they’re craned in. We have to be creative getting them into these yards.”

“The Currys' [yard] in particular was really difficult to get in,” Tyson added. “We had to go over a roofline and drop it in. It’s really quite amazing to see this playhouse fly. It was close to 80 feet in the air.”

Once the playhouse was perfectly in place, little Riley got to explore her new sanctuary.

“She was so excited. I think it took her by surprise, and at her age, I don’t even think she knew what to say,” Audy recalled of the unveiling. “You could hear little things that she said and you just knew she absolutely loved it. It was adorable. Her reaction was heart-melting.”

The Leavitts spared no detail when it came to carefully crafting the enchanting getaway.

“The tire horse swing she loved, the ball pit has flashing lights that change colors, and there’s music too, so it’s like party zone in there,” the couple explained. “There’s an upstairs loft with a dress-up station. There’s a slide that goes back outside and a lookout point out of the front. In the back of the playhouse there’s a climbing wall. And there’s a doghouse for Reza. He’s got his own doghouse connected to the playhouse.”

And it sounds like Riley might have a hard time keeping her parents out of it.

“Steph and Ayesha’s reactions were equally as fun to watch. The whole family, you could just tell they loved it,” said Audy.

“They were definitely one of the most fun families to build for,” she said of the Currys. “They were so gracious and kind. We felt like we really connected with them as a family -- the way they raise their kids and are so down to earth and easy to talk to. They’re very gracious, humble.”

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