7 Steps to Avoid 'Plane Face' This Holiday Travel Season

PHOTO: Frustrated passengers at the Auckland Domestic Airport in Auckland, New ZealandPhil Walter/Getty Images
Frustrated passengers at the Auckland Domestic Airport in Auckland, New Zealand, June 16, 2011.

Plane face: It's the horrible way you look when you step off a plane. What happened? You slept last night and put your makeup on this morning. So why do you look so . . . awful?

Cosmetic physician and skincare expert Dr. Mitchell Chasin says tiring flights can stress out skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull after hours of traveling. "No one wants to arrive at their holiday destination looking like they've drank too much spiked egg nog," he said.

Here are Chasin's 7 Steps to avoiding the dreaded "plane face" this holiday travel season:

Skip The Alcohol: The bar cart looks tempting, but think before you sip. The recycled air is already drying out your skin, and alcohol is very dehydrating

Take Vitamins: Vitamin A and D hydrate dry skin, which is perfect for air travel. Take fish oil pills for a dewy glow.

Sip Water: Seems obvious, but many don't realize the skincare powers of a few glasses of water.

Mystify: An on-the-go facial mist can replenish moisture and plump up skin in a few quick sprays.

Exfoliate: If an exfoliating scrub isn't possible, bring exfoliating facial wipes to slough off dead skin cells that build up and give post-flight skin a sandpaper feeling.

BYOF: Bring your own food, airplane food is typically greasy and loaded with sodium, which can cause puffiness and blemishes.

Post-Flight Skincare: When returning from vacation, consider getting a facial or rejuvenating skincare treatment to rid skin of buildup and freshen up.