Super Fancy Waffle House in the Works in New Orleans

Waffle House is adding a fun new feature.

May 22, 2015, 4:22 PM
PHOTO: In this undated file photo, a Waffle House is picture in Atlanta, Ga.
In this undated file photo, a Waffle House is picture in Atlanta, Ga.
Waffle House/AP Images

— -- When you need it, the always-open Waffle House is there. And now, the 24-hour chain is coming to New Orleans in a seriously upgraded way.

Waffle House is adding a feature to its restaurants that will upgrade the experience a bit: The New Orleans location will have an outdoor area -- the first of its kind for the chain -- in addition to its more than 1,700 square feet on the inside.

“We’re actually providing something we’ve never provided on another restaurant we’ve ever done, with a little side bistro courtyard area,” Waffle House real estate executive Bob Pence said at a meeting of New Orlean’s Board of Zoning Adjustments, according to the Mid-City Messenger.

The over 12,000 square feet lot used to be a used car shop, but Waffle House has much bigger plans for the space.

“I think that once we get this built, you will see that it’s probably the fanciest Waffle House restaurant you will ever see,” Pence said. “We tried to make it look a little New Orleans-ish.”

So watch out, all you other Waffle Houses -- there’s a fancy new one on the way.

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