Superintendent announces school snow day in music video

'How funny would it be to do a spoof on the lyrics?' said Aaron Polansky.

— -- A school superintendent had some fun with his students Monday after making a video in lieu of your average snow day announcement.

Aaron Polansky, superintendent of Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School in Rochester, Massachusetts, canceled classes in wake of today's Northeast snowstorm, and released the news via YouTube.

"I was talking to my wife about needing to finish up a snow cancellation notice before I left," Polansky told ABC News today. "Bon Jovi's 'Hallelujah' came on and I thought, 'How funny would it be to do a spoof on the lyrics?' I grabbed the guys and they were really excited about it."

Polansky, an educator for 20-plus years, has been Colony's superintendent since Nov. 28.

On March 13, ahead of the snowstorm, he decided to announce the school cancellation by singing on camera with a few of the students. Athletic director Matt Trahan said shooting the video was a fun time.

"You don't see things like that," he said. "You hear, 'School's canceled and be safe.' I think it's fantastic. It's just a unique way to connect with kids too."

Polansky posted to video onto YouTube for kids and parents to learn school was closed. The video received over 14,000 views since last night.

"I'm definitely silly," Polansky said. "When you talk about a superintendent people say, 'Oh, those guys have such a serious job.' I don't think people should forget that most, if not all of us, got into education because of kids and because of the staff and that's where my heart is."

The song described the snow situation in Massachusetts and at the school--including a lyric dedicated to the cosmetology students, who were "crushed" after being forced to miss their $2,000 trip to the International Beauty Show in New York City.

Despite the hurdles brought on by the weather, the video made parents and students laugh.

"I thought it was a really cool idea," senior Jacob Murphy, 17, told ABC News. "We thought about the kid behind the window looking sad, and that made the video. The superintendent came in with the idea and we all loved it. He's the man."

Jacob's mother, Gigi Murphy of Carver, Massachusetts, said she didn't know about the video until logging into Facebook.

"All I have to say was that it was the greatest thing...all of those boys are so cute and such good sports," Murphy said. "It was a really good way to do a school cancellation and the superintendent, he really is a good role model for those children."